Thursday, October 25, 2012

Random Stuff Again

~The girls and I got caught in the rain yesterday during our run!  Running as fast as you can for 1/2 a mile home is not easy with a double jogging stroller.  Luckily it was light rain and I had a blanket to cover Annabel with.  Annika thought it was fun.

~I have another black toenail from running and yesterday after my run it was all bloody and gross.  I would post a picture but I might lose the few blog readers I have because it's pretty gross!

~I've been trying to keep the girls up later at night so that they sleep later for Josh (he's only been getting around 4 hours of good, solid sleep lately).  Two nights ago Annabel insisted on going to bed at 8pm and Annika went down at 9:30pm.  Both of them slept till after 9am!  Good job girls! :-)  yesterday they both had meltdowns around 8pm, today is not going to be good for Josh, they'll probably sleep till around 8am for him.

~We are approved for a mortgage to buy a house.  The catch is that the loan is an FHA one and we have to use it east of the interstate on a new home (I'm not sure if all FHA loans in all areas work that way).  The only neighborhood in our price range is north of where we are now and would be a 45 minute drive to my work everyday.  To me it's not worth it, I am not the commuting type.  I hate driving, especially on the interstate, every single day.  Not sure what we're going to do but I'm sure it'll be a topic of discussion this weekend.

~Saturday we have to take the girls to get some routine blood work done at a lab.  Annika needs it for her 3 year check up and the doctor said we might as well bring in Annabel too (even though Annika is almost 3 and has NEVER had blood drawn, I'm still debating if I'm even going to bother with Annabel or not).  From what I've read online they'll draw blood from a heel stick on Annabel since she's so young (which would be fine, if the want to do it from her arm I'll refuse, poor baby!) but Annika will get blood drawn from her arm.  There's no tricking this child.  She's going to ask a million questions so I plan on explaining it to her Friday evening and again Saturday morning before we go and while we're there.  I just have a feeling she's going to beat me up when I have to hold her down for the nurse to take blood!

~Sunday I'm going with my friend (she's also my co-worker) to visit another co-worker who had a baby about a month ago.  She tried for a baby for 5 years and finally got pregnant via IUI (she had a miscarriage about 2 months before I announced my pregnancy with Annabel and I felt horrible about making my announcement!).  I don't think anyone else from work has gone to visit her yet and I guess she's afraid of brining her baby into work until he's had some vaccines.  Paranoid first time mom, totally nothing wrong with that but I wasn't like that.  We had Annika at a restaurant at a week old and Annabel went to Target at like 4 days old!  I also brought both of them in for visits to work around 4 weeks old too.


  1. Sounds like you are keeping busy! Just wanted to say call your mortgage lender, or another lender, and check out what options your have with a FHA or other types of morgages. We actually refinanced our current home as a FHA loan, so it does sound like things can work differently in different areas, but it can't hurt to see what else is out there!

  2. Don't sweat the blood draw. It sucks, big time, for you but for them it's almost worse that they have their arm being held down more than the needle. I had to have Elena's blood drawn many times when she was little and Karina's a lot when she was about a year old because of the peanut allergy. They basically had me hold them in my lap, hold both of their arms, then nurse also held her arm and they do it fast. It was horrible for me, I cried, but they were fine as soon as we let go of their arms! I'm so happy your coworker had a baby!