Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Rules

First of all Happy Halloween!!  I'll be sure to post more pictures of the girls out trick or treating as soon as I can!

After receiving a few Halloween costume catalogs in the mail and seeing some of the kids at Annika's dance school's Halloween party Josh and I have set a few rules for future Halloween costumes for the girls.

#1: You are not allowed to dress like a hooker.  Yes, I started with this one because I saw little girls that were barely 6 years old dressed like little hookers.  Example of what I'm talking about is here and here and here.

#2: You are not allowed to dress as something that is dead, dying, was dead but came back to life, or wants to make something dead.  Examples are here, here, here and here.

#3: You will not wear a costume with a prop that is a gun.  Guns are not toys or "props".  Guns are serious things and neither one of us believes that toy guns are good for children to play with.  Costume example here.

There are a lot of costumes outside of our rules that are fine.  Cartoon characters, movie characters (like Pippi Longstocking), animals (Annabel is a cat this year), and tons more.  We just don't like any of the 3 types of costumes I mentioned.

What is the worse costume you've seen on a child?  What costume would you never allow your child to wear?


  1. I totally agree with you about your costume rules! Can't wait to see the pictures of the girls in their costumes. I ordered a Robin costume on Etsy, but it never came, so Alex is going to be Batman. Due to our weather situation in the NE, I"m not sure we are going to get out trick or treating or not. Oh, and congrats on your house! So exciting!

  2. I don't agree with #2! Because for me that is halloween.. Vampires... Goblins... Zombies... etc... And Wesley made a cute Dracula last year.

    BUT #1 I AGREE!!! Luckily I don't have girls :( but boys.
    Wesley was a Ninja with a sword. and Mason was Superman this year.

  3. I'm okay with scary stuff when they're older, but for little bitties, I stay away for sure. I think every family has to dress up in the way that works for them. I don't really have any set rules yet. So far all Karina's ever wanted to be was a princess! Worst I saw a kid in a preschool parade who was supposed to be a chopped off head on a table. There was even a tin foil fake knife next to his head. It was cardboard around his head draped in a white sheet. Um, totally inappropriate for him or the rest of the preschool, in my personal opinion. (I mean, it was clever, don't get me wrong, but not for a 3 year old).