Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Almost 3

I find it hard to believe that this:

Is almost 3 years old!!

We have just under a month until November 7th when Annika turns 3!!

Annika has been pretending to read my copy of What to Expect the Toddler Years so I thought I'd take a look at it to see if she's hit all her milestones.  

By 3 years old your toddler should be able to:

identify 4 pictures by naming

Oh yes, we have this one down, she can name way more than 4 pictures

wash and dry hands

yes and she even knows when she's supposed to wash them (like in the restroom)

identify a friend by naming

she's currently in love with the neighbor's son and the little boy that lives one more door down, she can identify both of them, their mother's and the one little boy's sister.  She can also identify almost all of my family.

throw a ball overhand

yep, she throws hard too, trust me, I know...

speak and be understood half the time

Josh and I can typically understand her 90% of the time but I would say that strangers and family that we don't see often understand her about 50% of the time

carry on a conversation of 2 or 3 sentences

yes, she does this with me in the afternoons in the car a lot!

use prepositions

now it's bad that I had to look up to see what a preposition was but yes, she does use them even though her mother couldn't remember what they were!!

Also she should be able to:

use 2 adjectives
put on a t-shirt
broad jump

Yes to all 3!  She's a great jumper!  She can do a normal t-shirt but some of her dressier shirts she does have issues with sometimes.

May possibly be able to :

balance on each foot for 2 seconds

I tested her on this one, she can balance much longer without any issues

describe the use of 2 objects

I tested her again, fork is for eating and sneakers are for running :-)

May even be able to:

copy a circle

Yes and a few other shapes too.

prepare a bowl of cereal

well, we don't eat cereal really but I have taught her how to go into the fridge, get out the milk and pour herself a cup, so I guess that counts!

dress without any help

like I said earlier, dressier shirts with buttons she can't do, everything else she can

identify 4 colors

she can identify a lot more than 4, today she did red, pink, green, orange, brown, black, purple, yellow, blue, gray

So yay!!  She's hit all her milestones for a 3 year old!!  Now we just need to have her party in a few weeks :-)

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  1. Doesn't the time just fly? Karina will be four in December. It makes me sad that she's growing up so fast, but proud that she is learning and growing. Annika looks like she's right on track, too!