Thursday, October 11, 2012

Almost 10 months!

Since I did an "Almost 3" post for Annika I figured that I should do an almost 10 month post for Annabel.

I got all of my milestones from a Milestone Chart at BabyCenter.

I'm going to start with milestones for 9 months since that's what she is until the 22nd of this month.

Mastered Skills:

Stands while holding onto something

Yes, Annabel is our expert stander

Jabbers or combines syllables

We have lots of dadadadas going on lately

Understands object permanence

Not so much on this one, she doesn't seem to get when things are "stuck" and yanks on them, so she's getting there.

Emerging Skills:

Cruises while holding onto furniture

Nope, not yet, she can stand holding onto a chair or the couch but I haven't seen her "cruise" yet.

Drinks from a sippy cup

A big NO on this one.  Totally and completely refuses!!

Eats with fingers

Another big NO!!  Why feed herself when Annika will run over to help her??  I'm going to have to get her to stop so Annabel can be slightly independent.

Bangs objects together

Yes, all the time!

Advanced skills:

Plays patty-cake and peek-a-boo

Not yet but she does laugh when I try!

Says "mama" or "dada" to the correct parent

I'm glad this is considered an "advanced skill" because she doesn't do this one at all yet.

The only thing on the 10 month old milestone list that she has totally master is crawling with her belly off the ground.  She's been doing that for almost 2 months now, she's an expert crawling machine!!

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  1. Object permanence just means she realizes that things aren't gone when she can't see them. Like, if you walk out of the room, she knows and understands that you haven't vanished; that you're still there. She might cry a lot, or look for you. :-) Elena hates any food but her bottle, although she happily gums sippy cups or bottle tops or anything else, she just doesn't want to eat out of it. Or eat baby food. She wants to play with the spoon. And she is of course about a month younger than Annabel, too. And these are just guidelines anyway. I think she's doing great (Annabel) based on what you share with us, and of course I'm no doctor. It's crazy how fast they grow though. Slow down, little ones!