Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2 Years

It's hard to believe it's been 2 years now since my mom died.  To read the whole story, so I don't need to repeat myself click here.

Sometimes I have dreams about mom still being here.  She usually does something slightly annoying like she used to and I get upset.  I wake up thinking about how I'm going to have to solve whatever situation she got herself into.  Then I realize, she's gone.

When I want to go shopping and have no one to shop with I always get a little sad.  My mom was ALWAYS up for a shopping trip, especially if I promised to buy her something.

I miss her calling me every single afternoon.  She used to like to talk to Annika even though Annika wasn't old enough to talk back.  Annika always smiled when she heard my mom's voice and she would try to grab the phone away from me.

This face:

Our dear, sweet, Annabel Alicia (her middle name is my mom's first name), is starting to look like my mom right down to the wave and uncontrollable hair.

Don't you think?

And even Annika, even though she looks almost like a twin to my dad and me, she has a love for making bracelets and necklaces now, just like my mom did.

She also has a 6th sense with dogs and often tells us that "Bo is sad, he's crying" or that Bo wants to go play with his friend (a much larger lab mix) next door.  My mom loved animals, probably more than most people.

While we're sad that she's gone we're glad that she's living on in our girls.  They would have loved her and she would have loved having two girls to spoil.


  1. Beautiful post. I was actually going to say that I think you look a lot like your mom, but I can definitely see the resemblance in Annabel.

  2. How wonderful that your girls have so much of your mom in them. I'm sorry that you don't have your parents with you to watch them grow. I am so sorry.