Thursday, July 19, 2012

Room Sharing

After much debate and discussion we have decided to allow our girls to have their own bedrooms while living in this house.  We have a 3 bedroom so it's totally possible.  I just wanted them to learn to share so I was leaning toward them eventually sharing a room.

We went back and forth on wanting them to share a room.  I was thinking of purchasing two twin beds for when Annabel gets to be around 2 years old so that the girls would be together.  Annika's current room is pretty large so two twins would fit perfectly.  In Annabel's room we have her crib and a queen bed that we use for guests now.

In two weeks we'll be moving the queen bed into Annika's room!  She'll have a big girl bed!  Since her toddler bed is in perfect condition we are going to sell it.  When Annabel gets older we'll take the front off of her crib to make it into a little bed.  The crib has teeth marks and looks pretty beat up so once we're done with it we'll donate it.  We don't really have a place to store the toddler bed until Annabel is ready.

When Annabel gets older, around 3ish, we'll purchase another queen bed for her room.  So both our girls with have queen beds in their own rooms.

The reason we decided against them sharing is that a twin bed just doesn't seem practical for the girls as they get older.  We would buy them twin beds now but the end result would be exactly what we're going to do anyway, buy another queen for one of them so that they both have queens.

This coming weekend my aunt will be visiting from Arizona and she'll be staying in Annabel's room.  Since Annabel acts like she's in a karate match with someone at night (she kicks in her sleep!) she'll be moved into Annika's room in her pack n play.  Then Annika will be in bed with me and Josh so we're totally switching everyone around this weekend!  Annika is a good sleeper so she'll be fine with us and she likes getting to sleep in the big bed!  She'll be really excited to find out that the following weekend she's going to have a big girl bed of her own!


  1. I think it will be great for them to have their own rooms. Then they can have "sleepovers" with each other!

  2. Thanks for the comment. Your girls are BEAUTIFUL. I had wonder what happened to you, missed the memo that you were moving to new digs.

    My sister and I shared a room up until 12 (we only had a 2 bedroom house). After we moved to a bigger house and got our own rooms we had the choice between bunk beds or a queen bed. My sister chose the bunk beds, while I chose a queen. The only downside... when E and I got married. He slept in a queen for years and I slept in a queen and we could not share a bed to save our lives. We ended up getting a king latex bed.

    If you haven't chosen a mattress for your girls yet, can I overstep the intent of your blog post and give a short 'sales pitch'? I highly recommend latex. Latex repels dust mites, mold, mildew, and all the other crud that an interspring mattress can inhabit. Plus, latex survives forever as it doesn't break down. It is like memory foam but there is no awful off gassing.