Thursday, July 19, 2012


~I'm frustrated that we always say we want to start going to church but when it comes down to actually getting up early on a Sunday and going we never do it.  Or I get up early, go for a run, shower and crash.  We just need to do it, someday....

~I'm cleaning our house like crazy!  My aunt arrives Friday evening from Arizona and I want the house to be  spotless which is difficult with Annika spilling milk on dining room chairs and coloring with crayons on the white tile floor.

~Today I will attempt my first grocery store trip with both girls.  I've actually figured out that Annabel is strong enough now to sit in the cart so I might try her sitting in the cart and Annika walking.  Or get one of the special carts at Target with the toddler seat in the front that makes the cart weigh an extra billion pounds for Annika to sit on.....we'll see.  I'm sure there will be an entire post story about it soon...

~I'm currently on day 2 of a 3 day training at work.  I'm glad that I've been there long enough and that I'm good enough at my job that they asked me to participate.  I will be helping with getting our new system to work how we want it to.  Should be very interesting and soon look very good come review time next year.  Come on big raise! :-)

~I'm beyond frustrated with my best friend.  She still hasn't come to visit since Annabel was born.  The only time she's seen her is when we made the almost 3 hour drive to her town in April!  She hasn't even mentioned a visit so I don't bother mentioning it either.  Also she used to call me just about everyday on her way to work and now I hear from her about once a week, or sometimes not even.  I'm not sure what's going on with her besides her random Facebook updates about her going out drinking with some girlfriends she has there.

~Speaking of going out with friends, besides my best friend (almost 3 hours away), I only have one other friend who works with me.  We are currently planning a girls beach weekend getaway.  While we have the #1 beach in the nation, we did decide to maybe go to this beach, then all the hotels were booked through the summer!  So now I'm looking into Sanibel Island since I'm a Floridian and I've never even been there!  All we want is to stay like 1 or 2 nights, hang out at the beach, have a drink at a bar and sleep with the sliding glass door to our room open so we can hear the gulf waves!  That's it!  I just need a nice weekend away from all responsibilities!  Working over 40 hours a week and then taking care of these girls alone every evening is stressful to say the least!

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  1. I want to get away too! I'm so desperate I've considered--seriously--getting a hotel room here in town, alone, for one night of uninterrupted sleep (with ear plugs, sleep mask etc.). My best friend lives across the country and we used to talk daily, too. Now, both of us raising kids it's hard. I hope you and your friend reconnect soon.