Sunday, July 29, 2012

Plastic Surgery

Are you for or against people getting plastic surgery?

Would you ever get anything done?

I am in desperate need of boobs.  Yep, I said it.  The evidence is here:

I'm surprised that bathing suit even stays up without the strap.  Well, it kind of had to because Annika ran off with the strap one day calling it a necklace and now it's gone forever.

Anyway I'm starting to research doctors and save up the money for implants.  I would like to pay cash because the thought of paying interest on implants seems dumb to me.  Plus if I pay cash up front I'm more likely to pay less than if I try to finance or pay with a credit card.  I went to a consult years ago for a local doctor but didn't like his portfolio, I'll probably go up to Tampa since that area seems to have better plastic surgeons.

I've never really had boobs, I've always been a 32A.  After Annika my 32A's from the women's bra section got a little loose so one of my friends at work told me about the bras in the kids section at Target.  I've been wearing those ever since (and yes, one of them has glitter on it...).  My issue now is that the 32A is pretty much the smallest size I've found and now after having Annabel it is loose.  Well, it's not really loose it totally doesn't fit.  My boobs are sort of floating around in it, the small about of boob tissue I do happen to have.

So that's my story and I'm sure I'll blogging about the entire thing.  Most doctors make you wait an entire year after having a baby so I won't even go to a consult until at least early January.  I will not be getting LARGE boobs either, I'm thinking C-cup or even a full B.  I just want to not look like a 12 year old when I wear shirts and bathing suits!


  1. I"m ALL for plastic surgery! (I already had my boobs done 6 years ago and it was the BEST thing I have ever done for myself!) Once this baby boy is out and I'm back to having a semi decent body again, Batman and I have already decided I'm going in for a "mommy makeover" including a lift for the girls, some laser skin resurfacing, and getting rid of some of the extra skin on my stomach. I kind of can't wait ;-)
    If you are doing it for the right reason, which it seems like you are- I say go for it!!

  2. I can understand why you feel this way. Definitely don't go huge. You wouldn't look right. I can't figure out what size I am right now, but I'm not big, either. I am not as small as you though, maybe an A or just under a B. Bs don't quite fit. I think sometimes plastic surgery is okay, but the way they do it in Hollywood like they're going to their dental checkup every 6 months is kind of ridiculous.

  3. I am exactly where you are. For the longest time I've thought about getting implants. I also wouldn't want to go big I just want to fit properly into clothes and easily find bras. I buy mine online at a store for very small chested women.

    As I get older the less it seems to really matter but it's always there in my mind. I haven't ruled it out yet but I haven't really checked into it yet either.

  4. I think you should definitely go for it because even if such a procedure is not cheap, you deserve to fulfill your dream.
    I was in the same situation and even if it took me a while I had a breast augmentation surgery in Toronto last year.
    The result can be fantastic if you find a skilled doctor. The advice is not to search for the cheapest offer, but for the best surgeon you can find and also have the surgery as soon as possible:)
    Good luck!

  5. I'm in the same situation you are. And am all for plastic surgery. Come tax refund time next year I fully intend to buy boobs. I don't want them huge either. Just want to fill out my clothes and feel like a woman!

  6. Go do whatever makes you happy as a woman. Just be sure to conduct a comprehensive research about the clinic you are planning to go to, and the doctor who would do the procedure. Ask for referrals from friends who have undergone the procedure, and check history records from the candidate doctors so that you could appropriately choose the one that meets your standards. :)

    Terry Bayer

  7. Terry’s right! You have every right to improve your body, especially if you know that it’ll improve your self-esteem. You just have to find the right surgeon to do it for you. You should find a doctor certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This is important because you’ll be confident that your surgeon specializes in plastic surgeries, meaning that the procedure will be safe and effective.

    Geoffrey Lelia

  8. Well, you are free to do what you think will make you a happier and better person. What you need to remember is that you’re doing it in the right way. “I'm starting to research doctors and save up the money for implants.”--- This is important. Before you go through with plastic surgery, be sure that you are physically, mentally, and financially prepared for the procedure.

    Judith Arends

  9. Remember to do a lot of research before plunging into the procedure. If possible, try to talk to your prospective surgeon’s patients, and ask if they’re happy with the results. Better yet, ask your family or friends if they can refer you to a trustworthy surgeon. Don't get tired and settle for anything less, because if you stop short and settle for a mediocre surgeon, you might end up doing another procedure to correct your failed operation.

    Marc Bryan

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