Monday, July 2, 2012


We had physicals with our new doctor.  Through my work we have an HMO insurance plan so you have to pick a primary.  My primary is in the process of retiring and Josh HATES his primary.  I'm not even sure how we ended up having different doctors but we did.  So I switched us to the same doctor on a recommendation from a few people at work that really like her.

I was glad they allowed us to go in together, that way we didn't have to take turns in the waiting room watching the girls.  I also found out that I have officially lost all my baby weight on a real scale (I hate the digital one at work, I think it lies most of the time!).  I'm also no longer 5'2!!  Come on!  I'm already short but to tell me I'm only 5'1 1/2 is just not fair!  I've been 5'2 since I was 12 years old and tried out for the Nutcracker Ballet and one of the stupid ballet teachers told me I might as well not try out because they don't like you to be over 5 feet tall so that everyone looks like "children" still.  Well I got a part, so nah, and I was 5'2 I was not 5'1 1/2!!  I guess I am prematurely aging at 29 because a week after dying my hair I am about 20% gray, new gray too, I swear I didn't have gray in this one area that I now have it in and I'm shrinking, already.  At this rate I'll be like 4'7 when I'm 40.

Anyway my appointment went well.  I'm pretty sure Josh was pleased that he didn't have to undress and as he so delicately put it "have the doctor jiggle my balls".  Ummm...yep, for some reason that terrified him and for some reason he believes that things like that happen at physicals.  I've asked him to not say the phrase "jiggle my balls" because I'm really afraid that Annika is going to pick up on it and start saying it all the time in public.  I was actually waiting for Annika to scream "balls" during the appointment.

When the doctor listened to my heart and lungs Annika kept telling Josh "momma's crying, momma's crying".  I wasn't.  She thinks anyone that gets examined by a doctor is crying.  She said the same thing a few weeks ago when Bo went to the vet but there she was screaming it, "Bo Bo is crying momma, stop, Bo Bo is crying".  Sensitive little monster.

I'm healthy though.  The doctor was pretty shocked that both my parents died before age 60.  She made a large note of that one.  I have to go for blood work, just the standard stuff.  I told her I like having my blood sugar checked once a year because of the incredibly high rate of diabetes in the family, even though I'm not overweight I'm still worried about it.

It was nice to have a doctor that listened and that wasn't rushing us.  We had a full hour with her.  So glad to have found a doctor we both liked.

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  1. It is so wonderful having a good doctor! That's how I felt about my ObGyn who just retired, and how I feel about the girls' pediatrician (who is aawwwesommmme!). I'm so glad you found a doctor who listens!