Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Girl!!

Annabel is such a happy girl!  As you can see Annika decided to color on her Bumbo.

I just love this picture of her!  It just shows how happy she is.

Annabel is totally our shy little girl though.  She does not like when strangers come to talk to her, Annika LOVES it and talks back to them.  Annabel cries and then looks at me.  Poor girl.

Since Annabel's check ups with the doctor are a bit off schedule I decided to measure her to at least see how long she is at 6 months old.  She's 27 inches already which is funny because that's only 7 inches shorter than Annika.  Annika hasn't grown almost at all in height since she turned 1, she's only 35 inches now.

I love this picture of Annabel playing with Annika's toys.  I told Annika to share and she kind of over did it!

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  1. She is just adorable! Elena is shy with people, too. I think it's part of one of those several stages they go through where they begin to realize they aren't physically a part of mommy, and that mommy can go away. At least, that's my theory for Elena since she all of a sudden started to scream and cry when she saw my brother, who lives with us. So not a stranger, just her uncle.