Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First Haircut~Annika

We decided Saturday to take Annika for her first ever professional hair cut.  I've been cutting her hair since she was around 4 months old (she had a really, really long piece in the back that I had to trim all the time when she was a baby).  Finally her hair has gotten too thick for me to be able to do it evenly on my own.

There's a children's hair salon down the street from us so we went there.  It was $15 for her cut which I think  was a little pricey but they did a good job and she liked sitting in the Jeep!  Josh and I agreed we'll probably take her here maybe 2 more times and then let her try an adult salon with me.  She was very well behaved.

We wanted to take a picture afterwards when we were going into a store but she wasn't having it.  She told just "I no yike pictures!!"

Then she gave Josh the "stink eye".  Evil monster!!

Later after we went into the store and came back out she finally said "cheese!"


  1. Love the stink eye picture!! Nice haircut; she's so cute!!

  2. What a big girl!! Such a cute cut! :)

  3. Aw, she's so pretty! I love her new haircut! When I took Karina for her first one, she had these awful tangles and the lady had to get them out. Her hair is really fine and tangles easily. I would sit for half an hour during her bath trying to get them out, but when I was pregnant I just couldn't and they got really bad. So I cut it and I wish I'd done it sooner. Anyway, she absolutely screamed while getting it cut! I have never been embarrassed by her in public before or since--it was crazy. We won't be going to a hair place again for a long time. She still gets nervous when I trim it at home! (what I'm saying is to be proud of how good Annika did; it's awesome!)