Monday, July 23, 2012

Busy Weekend!

My aunt from Arizona arrived Friday afternoon.  I ran home from work to pick up Annika to come along with me to the airport in Tampa.

I was hoping to beat rush hour traffic and luckily I was able to get out of work early, 2:45pm, which means we were on the interstate by 3:15pm.  But we got stuck on the long bridge that leads out the airport which I ALWAYS get stuck on!  Grr...35 minutes to drive 8 miles!!

Then we arrived at the airport early only to find out my aunt's flight was going to be an hour late!  Annika insisted on having pizza for dinner there so we shared a personal pan pizza.  I was pretty disgusted with the taste of it so Annika ended up eating almost the entire thing!

We walked around the airport for a while and went into a toy store.  Annika hugged every single stuffed animal in the store. I offered to buy her one since we didn't bring any toys to play with but she refused.  Then we had chocolate frozen yogurt with oreos.  We were pretty spoiled!  After that we played in another toy store and I realized we had to go to my aunt's gate because she would be arriving soon.

MELTDOWN.  Annika had a complete meltdown about leaving the toy store even though, again, I offered to buy her a little plastic toy plane with wheels.  I had to drag her kicking and screaming all snot faced to the gate.  She was so loud and embarrassing that I had to take her down a hall with pay phones to let her scream it all out.

Finally she gave up on the fit and we found my aunt.  The traffic on the drive home wasn't bad at all.

Saturday morning we went to Venice to the jetties.  We were going to eat at Sharkys but turns out they were closed for a company party!

Pelicans on the jetty.

Annika, me and my aunt (who totally did not plan on wearing the same exact color shirt!)

All us girls on the end of the jetty.

Josh trying some of the cool settings out on our new camera.

  Annabel was a happy girl even though it was hot!

So we ended up at the same restaurant we've taken my aunt to twice now, Old Salty Dog which is incredibly good and we're never disappointed so it wasn't bad.

When we ordered our drinks Annika ordered herself a water with cherries.  At first we didn't know what she said and then she looked at us like we were crazy and said very clearly "with cherries".  We go there enough now that the girls know Annika and Annabel so the waitress brought out her water with a lid along with a little umbrella with 4 cherries on it!  I just don't know how Annika remembered she had cherries last time when we went there!

Annabel decided to show off for my aunt and tried to crawl!!  Eeekkk, at 7 months old!  Annika didn't crawl until almost 10 months!

Sunday morning we went for a swim.  It was Annabel's first time in the pool.

My aunt with Annika.

Daddy and Annabel.

Always such a happy girl!

After our swim we tried a new restaurant, it's an oyster bar.  I'm pretty sure it's our all time favorite local restaurant now!!  We ate a ton of oysters, crab cakes and a few mimosas!  Annika ate asparagus and lightly fried popcorn shrimp. While the adults were eating oysters the waitress actually brought Annika a little plate of fruit for an appetizer, watermelon (her favorite), cantelope, and pineapple (not a big fan which is okay since I'm VERY allergic to it).

Here we are walking downtown back to our car.

Annabel pushing up showing off her almost crawling skills.

My aunt and Annabel.

Annika with her farm animals that my aunt brought for her.  My uncle made the little wooden box to put them in.  They've kept her very busy this weekend.

All the girls again, Annabel is looking at Annika like she's crazy....she is...

We kicked the crazy one out of this picture since she was saying "I no yike da pictures".


  1. Sounds like an incredible weekend! As always, the girls are too cute for words!!

  2. Look like you guys all had a good time. Your girls are super adorable!

  3. Wow, looks like so much fun!! Love your stripey shirt, love the farm animals, and I have to tell you that Karina walked at 9 months, so crawling at 7 is totally possible! Go Annabel, do it!