Friday, July 13, 2012

Busy Week and a Half Coming!

We have so many things going on in the next week and a half!

~Today is Annabel's 6 month check up!  Josh has a day off so he'll actually get to come with us!  It'll be his first time watching one of the girls get vaccines.  Since his reaction to getting their ears pierced wasn't the greatest I expect him to get a little upset by it, he's very sensitive with stuff like that :)

~We also need to grocery shop, we always go all together so it takes forever!

~Tomorrow I have to finally go to the lab to get my blood drawn for my physical I had a few weeks ago.  It's hard to schedule a day where I can be fasting since I go into work at 6am and I don't like to have to leave and then come back so it had to be a Saturday.

~We were going to go to the beach Saturday but we probably won't.  We do need to go buy a large beach umbrella for our pasty white babies (and us) to sit under so a trip to Wal-Mart will be in order for us!  Luckily we just had a new one open by us that is much nicer (and less crime going on in the parking lot!) than the old one we were going to.

~Sunday Josh's sister and family will be in town, they're staying out on the beach so we're going to see them in the morning.

~In the afternoon my two aunts and cousin (hopefully!) are coming to visit.

~Wednesday-Friday I am in all day training sessions at work.  I have a feeling it's going to be horribly boring...

~Thursday I am going to attempt grocery shopping on my own with the girls.  OMG, I hope I survive!  The only way I can successfully do it is to put Annabel in her carrier and have Annika in the cart.  I just hope I can handle carrying Annabel around the store for longer than an hour, she's getting heavy!

~Friday the second I get off work I have to drive straight home, pick up Annika (Annabel and Josh are having baby-daddy time together) and go to the airport to pick up my aunt who is flying in from Arizona!  She came to visit back in January so we're looking forward to seeing her again.

~My aunt will be here until that Monday so we have lots of going out to eat (seafood since you can't get fresh, local seafood in Arizona) and probably going to Mote Marine.  Josh and the girls have never been there but when I was in elementary school we went there a lot.

~I took the day off Monday since my aunt doesn't leave until the afternoon.  I would imagine that we'll probably go up to Tampa and maybe have lunch before we leave her at the airport.

~Tuesday I'll go back to work to discover I have to play catch up from the 3 days of training I was in and the 1 day I took off.  It'll probably take me the entire week....

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  1. You are so busy! I almost always do our grocery shopping with both girls, and here is what I do. If it's not a lot I need, I put Elena (in carseat) in the main basket and Karina in the seat. I put the groceries around Elena and sometimes under. If I need a lot of things, then I *carefully* hook Elena's carseat sideways on the top of the basket part of the cart. (Disclaimer: Don't do what I say except at your own risk). You could try a carrier, too for the baby. You could carry her and put Annika in the seat, that might work. It might be easier. Oh, and I forgot, when I just need a very few things I just use the stroller and hook one of the hand baskets onto the handles. Good luck!