Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Are We Tough Enough?

Some people from Josh's work are signing up for Tough Mudder.  It's not until December but it's a lot of training to get ready to do so Josh decided that would be a good goal for him to have.  He'll do Tough Mudder in December and in November I'm doing a half marathon.

Saturday was our first day of training mostly for Josh since he hasn't gone running in a long time.  You not only have to be strong, upper and lower body, but you have to run anywhere from 10-12 miles along the course.

Most afternoons I do anywhere from 2-4 miles with the double jogging stroller.  We decided to do 3 miles, that's what Josh wanted to start out with.  Mile one was a really great time of 10 minutes, especially with that stroller that's total weight (including babies) is around 70 pounds.  We had a plan to switch off ever 1/2 a mile with the stroller so we wouldn't get too tired.  I did the first 1/2 mile and Josh did the second.  Then it all went downhill.  Josh didn't feel well (his pre-run fuel, a beer!!), he was hot, it was harder than he though pushing the stroller, his stomach hurt, he felt like he was going to puke....

I left him a few times but kept checking behind me to be sure he didn't pass out!  He was fine but our second mile took us 14 minutes and the last mile was 16 minutes because at one point he just stopped completely!!  I never just stop!  If you think about it it's best to keep moving because you can get home sooner!

After our run he said he realized how horribly out of shape he is and how he's really going to have to work hard to do this race with all the obstacles along the way.  If you check out the Tough Mudder website you can see the obstacles.  Josh has officially stopped drinking and smoking as of Monday in preparation for the race as he's realized he'll never been able to do it with those habits.

Then he did it.  Josh said he didn't think that I would be able to do the race!  I told him if we raced today with that 3 miles we had just finished that I would have left him in the dust and that there was no way he could complete an 8 mile run (my longest post-Annabel run with Annika in the single jogging stroller!).  Then the challenge was accepted.  Want to see if I can do Tough Mudder??  Okay!  I'm signing up too to do it!  It's only 2 weeks after my half marathon so I'll have to be careful and smart with training (lots of stretching and yoga on off days).  I also can't do a pull up for the life of me so I have to really work on upper body strength from now until December.  I know I'll be fine to do the running part of the race, it's just all that climbing stuff that will be hard!

I'm hoping to get on the same team as Josh with his work.  If I can't (it seems to be mostly guys) my work is also making up a team that will be more mixed gender than Josh's.  A big part of the race is sticking with your team and helping each other out.  Can't wait!

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