Saturday, July 7, 2012

A 4-20 Story

I originally published this post on my old blog April 20, 2011:

In honor of 4-20 I'll tell you all my marijuana story.

I have NEVER smoked pot, ever. My ex did daily for the 6 years we were together but this story isn't about him.

My ex always smoked in the backyard of my parents' house while we lived with them. One day I went outback to grab something and could smell pot, except I knew my ex was inside the house.

I walked around to the side of the house where I see my dad smoking a joint while sitting on the air conditioning unit! I scared the crap out of him and myself! I ran back into the house and never said anything to him about it.

Turns out my ex and him used to smoke a lot together. My ex actually wanted to come to my parents' funeral so he could tell all the stories about how him and my dad smoked pot together. Luckily he didn't come to tell the story because most of the people that came to the service were church people and probably would have passed out to hear that my dad smoked pot!

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