Thursday, April 26, 2012


~Had my year end review today.  My supervisor is currently undergoing cancer treatment (he's actually done with chemo and radiation and he's home now recovering) so the director and manager of our department did mine.  I had never formally met the director since I was on maternity leave when she kind of took over the department and our manager has been there a few weeks but she used to work there as our manager about 3 years ago.  She actually started the same day I did almost 7 years ago.  When I said I was on maternity leave the manager looked at me and said "oh I didn't realize you had a child!"  She was pretty shocked when I told her that since she's been gone I actually had 2 children!  Then she said she doesn't know how I get into work at 6am every morning.  So, of course, I had to explain the entire store of how Josh and I work opposite shifts so we have no daycare and we never see each other.  The director asked me when I see Josh and I said only on the weekends!  I hope that one sticks with them, I never work Saturdays anymore since it's the only time we're all together.

~I didn't find out what my raise will be, if any.  I'm sure our company is giving them this year since they're doing financially a lot better than they were doing back in 2009 when we had lay offs.  I'll find out in a few weeks.  But since my supervisor (he wrote up our reviews prior to going on leave) said I am "the strongest member of the team" I'm pretty sure it'll be a good one :)

~I still can't figure out what Annika is referring to when she says "fuckies".  There is something in the house that is a fuckie and she gets very, very excited when talking about it.  I know her word for fox is "fuck" but I'm sure she is not talking about foxes (assuming the plural for foxes is fuckies).  Josh told me today that she was standing in a corner looking down at the floor and pointing while happily screaming "FUCKIES, OH MY GOODNESS, FUCKIES!!"  Yep, no clue.

~Annabel is the sweetest cooing baby ever.  She seems like she's attempting to talk!  Everyday she seems to make a new little noise and I love it.

~I'm getting out of my funk I've been in for like the past week.  Sometimes I'll start thinking about something about my grandma and I start getting anxious but then I stop myself so I don't get too worked up, especially while I'm at work.  My friend at work said a few people told her they're worried about me since I barely had time to get over my parents dying and now this.  Honestly they don't know the relationship I had with my parents so it's hard for them to understand.  I do still get sad thinking about my parents being gone but each month it gets a tiny bit easier.  I do have moments, like when I think about them not seeing Annika and never meeting Annabel that do get hard.  Same thing with grandma, I think I'm more upset that Annika will never see her again and she loved her so much.  There's no way to even explain to Annika that grandma is coming over to visit anymore and she asks for her all the time.

~I'm so glad it's Friday.  Even though I took off work Monday I swear this has felt like the longest week ever!


  1. Yay for a good review; hope you get a great raise! Maybe Annika is trying to say fuzzies? That's the only thing that comes to mind. That is hilarious though!

  2. My guesses: duckies, fuzzies, froggies, cookies, or sockies. You'll have to let us know when you figure out what she's saying. That's pretty darn funny!