Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I'm so tired of people calling people that are pregnant fat. Perfect example right now, Jessica Simpson.

The girl is pregnant. Clearly she gained a bit of weight prior to getting pregnant and she appears to be pretty swollen but she's PREGNANT! I also think in the article that she isn't totally honest with what she's gained (I think she said 40-50 pounds) but really why does she have to tell anyone?? I don't understand why these tabloids think it's okay to label her as fat. Why do they have to point out when someone gains more than 25 pounds while pregnant? I gained 60 with Annika and 45 with Annabel and I'm within a few pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight already. Some people are just going to gain more no matter what.

I am interested to see if she loses the weight quickly doing the wrong things (crash diets, tons of exercise) or the right way with Weight Watchers since they want her as a spokesperson.

I'm also interested to see what she picks for a name!


  1. Even the way the pregnant women are referring to themselves is getting annoying. They're calling themselves enormous and things like that. I read somewhere that Jessica's baby was going to be named Maxwell. We'll see if they're right.

  2. I hate that, too! I have even had friends who got pregnant and called themselves fat. I would get all over them for it. Pregnant is NOT the same as overweight! Our society is so hyper-judgmental about so many things, it is just ridiculous. I do love hearing what celebrities name their children though!

  3. I read that some studies suggest it's genetic what you gain. And I get sick of the hyper judgement with all of it... Too fat, too skinny, too wrinkled, too smooth. It's annoying.

    Thanks for the running tips! I do need to get good shoes. What store do you suggest for advice?