Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Diets

Okay, so now lets change the subject (you know, the whole death subject that my blogs seem to go to).

I am currently participating in a 30 Day No Sugar Challenge and I'm on day 2.  So far I've been successful!  Both yesterday and today I've had mild headaches but nothing too bad since I was watching myself with sugar anyway.  I've eaten a crap load of veggies and have to limit myself to 3 servings of fruit (per the challenge rules) as fruit has natural sugars still.

Prior to starting the challenge I had a bit of a splurge with my friend from work.  I NEVER get out with friends so this was a rare occasional.  I didn't go to work on Friday but luckily my friend dragged me out anyway and we had sushi!  I LOVE sushi.  If I could eat only sushi for the rest of my life I'd be totally happy, fat, but happy!

From the top we have the Rock N Roll (crabmeat, avocado, cucumber and cream cheese topped with eel), then Lucky Roll (spicy crab salad, fried shrimp, fish roe, avocado, cucumber and scallions), next is one of our favorites the Sex on the Beach Roll (tuna, white fish, yellowtail, crabmeat, avocado deep fried served with chili sauce) and then our all time favorite, I wish I could eat it everyday roll, the Crazy Mexican Roll (fried salmon and fried white fish topped with avocado and three different sauces).  OMG.  So good.  I've never actually been to a sushi restaurant before so this was a treat.  I've only had sushi at a local Chinese Buffet (now I know that it's crap because real sushi is soooo much better) and from the grocery store (which is okay, not as good as the restaurant though).  I plan on taking Josh there for lunch on Saturday.  He's excited to go for the first time, it's just we have to bring the girls so we're hoping Annika will behave since the restaurant is small and quite and Annika is a very loud speaker (she has one voice volume and that is "super extra loud our neighbors must hate us").

Speaking of diets Annika's has changed her diet and taken a complete 180 turn!  I'm so excited.  She's been more open to eating healthier stuff just since Friday.  She's eaten apples, carrots (with either hummus or ranch), unsweetened applesauce (I never buy the sugary kind), blueberries, watermelon, omelets with spinach and mushrooms, oranges, yogurt, chicken with baked beans and potato salad (clearly this was Josh getting her to eat that, I don't eat that type of stuff), peanut butter on graham crackers, bananas, cantelope and honeydew melon.  No seriously, all within the last 5 days.  Last Tuesday she didn't eat any of this stuff, she's scream if you tried to get her to eat it (she did eat applesauce and yogurt about a year ago but decided she hated both).  Now she's all about it!  I love it!  I'm so excited that she's more open to things now.  Maybe I'll let her try some sushi Saturday (a roll that is cooked, I'm not so sure the raw ones are okay for her yet).  I have a feeling she may like it since she really does enjoy eating fish.

And another person's diet to discuss is our sweet baby Annabel.  She has been going through a major growth spurt.  I cannot wait to see the look on the nurse's face at the doctor Friday (it's her 4 month check up) when I tell her she has 4 bottles a day with anywhere from 10-14 ounces (which technically means she has 2 bottles sometimes because our bottles hold 10 ounces).  This child is a formula drinking machine.  I'm hoping they give us the okay to maybe start some baby cereal and veggies.  She's starting to watch us eat and she smacks her mouth like she's chewing.  We are going to go broke paying for the cans of formula this baby is sucking down!  She's also filling out her 6-9 month clothes very nicely, at 4 months old!!


  1. Wow you have a lot going on! Great changes there for the girls, especially Annika. That is so awesome that she has decided to eat all those great foods! Can you work some magic on my daughter, too? :-) And go Annabel! Grow little baby, grow!

  2. I've never had sushi before; the texture just creeps me out. It's one of those things I guess. Yay for Annika eating more yummy foods. It's so important to start them eating healthy younger otherwise it's super hard. Keep up the good work!