Friday, April 13, 2012

Cute Things Annika Says

Annika has personality, lots of it. She also happens to say the cutest things.

The other day I asked her what color marker I had in my hand, it was brown.


When she touches something one of us told her not to touch she tattles on herself and says:

No touchies.

When someone asks her what her name is she says:


When I tell her she can only have 1 piece of candy or she has to take 1 bite of food she holds up one fine and yells:

One. One momma, just one!

When I put Annabel in her Bumbo instead of her bouncer she tries to pick up Annabel then she says:

Babys wants in the bouncer momma, put her in bouncer.

Whenever I move a dining room chair to reach something in the kitchen or I get out sugar or flour for something she runs in the kitchen saying:

Cookies, make cookies now please.

I think the thing I love most is:

I wuv you momma.

She also makes up things on her own. Whip cream (on Josh's Starbucks drinks) is yogurt (silly girl, whip cream is not good for you like yogurt!). A fox is, well watch the video again. Annabel is "babys", always said with an "s" at the end. Flowers are "flow-ies". All small rodents (Ratatouille and Angelina Ballerina) are cats. Squirrels are actually bunnies and she gets very excited to see a "bunny".

Annika can now count on her own to 10 and can say A, B, C, D and then she kind of just goes off saying random letters to the tune of ABCs. On a good day she can name all her colors (including chocolate as brown, sometimes brown is poop) and she can name most simple shapes (star, circle, triangle, square).

And now Annika's favorite new thing to do:


  1. LOL loved the video!! So cute watching her push Annabel around ;-)

  2. Yay Annabel! How cute! I love hearing little ones learning to talk!