Friday, March 2, 2012

Getting Ready to Run

I took the girls out for a test walk yesterday. I can't actually run with the jogging stroller until Annabel is 6 months old (she has to be able to support her own head).

Things I realized while using the stroller:

#1: This freaking thing is HEAVY. It has to be like 50 pounds. I work out and lift weights and I almost killed myself lifting this thing off the hook Josh hung it on. After we walked I couldn't hang it back up.

#2: I'm so glad it has the swivel wheel. If you don't have the wheel set to swivel and you have to do any sort of turn while walking it SUCKS. You have to lift the stroller up so it's just on the back wheels and pivot it. I have a feeling I will only be running straight aways (you have to lock the wheel in place while running).

#3: Do not test walk the stroller with both children on our usual walk. Annika has a full out meltdown because she wanted to walk. I really wanted to test it though close to home, I never thought she'd throw such a fit!

#4: It's super comfy for little Annabel. Since she can't support her own head yet she has to be reclined. She LOVED it. Usually she's rear facing in her car seat attached to the stroller so this gave her a whole new view. Her eyes where kind of bugging out of her head towards the end of the walk so I pulled the sun shade in front of her. I think it may of gotten a bit overwhelming.

#5: It's comfy for Annika too. The back of the seats have fluffy pads that are like lambs wool. The only issue I can see in this design is that we are in Florida and if I take the girls out when it's super hot they're both going to sweat a lot. I'm going to have to stick to late evening runs right before it gets too dark.

#6: I worried that I would kill myself pushing this thing while running. It's a lot of weight! I think the stroller is around 40 pounds alone, Annika is 30 and Annabel is 10 (right now anyway). That's 80 pounds of weight to push while running. Luckily it glides so perfectly that it's super easy to push. The thing practically moves on it's own (that's why there's a strap you have to tie to your wrist, it really will move on it's own). I can't wait to run with it in May...for now we will be enjoying some longer walks away from our usual walking course!

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