Monday, March 26, 2012

Baby Products We Use

I'm often asked which diaper brand we think is best. Or what wipes do we use. Or even why do we use the formula we use instead of another kind. So I thought I'd share with you what brands we use and why we like them.


When Annika was born we used what we were given at our baby shower for a few months. We were extremely lucky to have received a ton of diapers. I never liked Huggies, they always leaked no matter what size I used on Annika, even during the day. Pampers I did like. They were soft and absorbed well.

Once it was time for us to buy our own diapers I first tried the Parent's Choice Wal-Mart brand. I found them to be stiff and too plastic-like on the outside. They actually kind of reminded me of Huggies.

That got me thinking, if Wal-Mart's diaper is like Huggies then Target must be more like Pampers. In my opinion they are. The Up and Up brand from Target is great. It's soft, absorbs a ton (Annika still wears the size 5 diapers to bed) and they are super cheap! Both girls currently wear them and we aren't going broke buying diapers. Plus if you have the Target debit card or credit card you get 5% off and I always get coupons for $1.50 off a box at checkout.


I swear Target isn't paying me to blog about their Up and Up brand but our favorite wipes also happen to be from Target. I always buy the unscented because I actually hate most baby related scented items.

Again to me these wipes are very comparable to Pampers wipes but actually more moist which means I use fewer. To me Huggies wipes are very dry and kind of scratchy. These Up and Up wipes are perfect.


I bet you think I'm going to say we use Up and Up formula too but we don't! Ha! Tricked you! We actually buy our formula from Wal-Mart just like we did for Annika. The Parent's Choice soy based.

We did try the Up and Up soy for Annabel and she was always gassy. I remembered reading another review online that say for some reason the Up and Up brand gives babies gas. Annika immediately starting sleeping through the night when we switched her to the Parent's Choice brand so after Annabel not sleeping through the night at the same age we decided to give it a try. Guess what? One day and night on Parent's Choice brand and she slept 8 hours straight. She never spits up and she hasn't had gas. It's also much cheaper than the brand names but has the exact same nutritional value. The only issue? We have to go to Wal-Mart to get it. I hate our Wal-Mart. Our Target is pretty much walking distance from our house, Wal-Mart is about 5 miles away and the parking lot is a homeless people hang out, so I make Josh buy it :)

Baby Lotion

Annika never had any issues with dry skin so I've always used whatever random lotion we have that we were given at her baby shower, almost 3 years ago. I still have lotion from it! In fact, I've figured out at the rate I use lotion that I have enough to use on Annika till she's 8 years old, no joke.

Annabel on the other hand has very dry skin. I'm thinking it may be from being born a little early. Her skin is just a different texture and feel than Annika's. Josh and I spent at least 20 minutes in Target comparing labels trying to find the best lotion for Annabel. Lately we've become major label readers and we wanted something with ingredients that we knew what they were, nothing weird added to it. We picked Shea Moisture.

For some reason I couldn't find it on the Target website, but you know, of course, that's where we got it from. Other lotions I tried on Annabel I'd have to apply twice a day sometimes to keep her from getting dry. I typically bathe her every 2-3 days and I only have to put this lotion on her after her bath, that's it, and she stays moisturized the whole time. It also smells nice, not like baby powder (which I don't like).

Baby Body Wash/Shampoo

I had a cry for help a few months ago on what body wash/shampoo to use on Annabel's dry skin. Someone suggested the Say Yes to Carrots brand. I LOVE it. So thank you to whoever suggested it! The body wash/shampoo we use is so gentle. It's a foam that lathers up and doesn't seem to be harsh and never dries Annabel's skin.

Again, I couldn't find it on the Target website but that's where we purchased it. It's a very mild soap that cleans well without over doing it.

And those are the brands we use and why. What do you all use and prefer?


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  2. Glad you have found products that work so well for you. I like the Target wipes, too. Elena is on Nutramigen though because her reflux is so bad, and we have to add rice to it. I mostly use cloth wipes and I use cloth diapers, so I can't say much about the disposables you mentioned as far as how well they work but I'm glad you found some inexpensive ones that work well for you. I do like the Pampers wipes when I use those though. I use Grandma El's shampoo, and regular white Dove for her baths as recommended by our doc.