Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Gift via Pinterest

I love Pinterest. Who doesn't??

I got a great idea for a Valentine's Day gift for Josh. We usually don't do anything at all for it but I decided to make him a gift. I did the 52 Things I Love About You deck of cards.

Here are the 52 things I did, some of which are inside jokes:

1. You make me laugh.
2. When I say something dumb and you brush my face with your hand and say "you're pretty"
3. The look you make while putting Annika's hair clip in.
4. That you quit your higher paying night job to get a day job so we could be together more.
5. That I can't get really mad at you about anything because you make me laugh.
6. You miss my parents.
7. You call my family for me when mom died and again when dad died.
8. You change baby diapers, even ones with poops.
9. You care and love your family.
10. You can joke about anything.
11. That you think "you know how I know your gay" jokes are funny too.
12. I can be myself with you.
13. I can do something silly in front of you without being embarrassed.
14. Wrestling.
15. You are the best dad ever.
16. You like girly movies.
17. You've pushed me to be a more outgoing person.
18. You've helped me to be myself.
19. You're silly.
20. You listen to my rants about the morons at work.
21. You were incredibly supportive when my parents died, I couldn't have gotten through it without you.
22. You hold my hand while you're driving.
23. You're never afraid of what other people think.
24. You watch Olivia with Annika and know the characters' names.
25. You love my family like they were your own.
26. You work nights so our girls don't have to go to daycare.
27. Our "sexy light" time.
28. You're caring.
29. That you'd do anything for me and the girls.
30. That you have to use a plastic wine glass because you've broken all our glass ones, a few times.
31. That when I moved in with you all your clothes were kept in the dryer.
32. That you have a thing for dental assistants.
33. That a perfect evening is being at home instead of going out.
34. That you taught Annika how to give Eskimo kisses.
35. That your official song is "I'm Sexy and I Know It"
36. That you taught Annika how to say "doggie" and "eye booger".
37. The way you kiss me
38. That you always kiss me good-bye.
39. When you see or hear something funny and you clap 3 times.
40. That we could talk forever about nothing at all.
41. That you don't care about what other people think.
42. That I always learn new things about you, like that you like chocolate chip cookies and milk now!
43. Your funny stories and the way you tell them, like the one with the gun and the cats.
44. You planned a surprise birthday party for me by yourself.
45. I know that you love me like I love you.
46. That you have patiently waited for me to tell you what I love about you.
47. That you stayed all the nights with me in the hospital when Annika was born.
48. That you didn't want a big wedding and that we both wore jeans when we got married.
49. That you bought the engagement ring I loved and surprised me with it.
50. You like Twilight movies.
51. You make me feel pretty.
52. We can be total goofballs together.

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