Monday, February 20, 2012

Our Weekend in Venice

We decided to go out and do something this weekend, besides going to Target. We drove down in our new car to Venice to walk out on the jetty there.

Annika loved it. We're pretty horrible because we've only taken Annika to the beach once and we live 20 minutes from it. It was too cool out (to us from Florida) to go into the water or even wear bathing suits so we stuck to just walking around. Of course, there were some crazy tourists in the water which I think was around 65 degrees.

Here I am with Annika. It is clear that I am in desperate need of a tan, luckily Annika is pretty white so I don't look too bad...

Josh and Annika looking at a bird.

My sweethearts.

The view of Venice from the jetty. I believe the condo to the far right is the one my uncle lives in.
And Annabel, well, she did her usual thing, slept. There's just something about her car seat that makes her pass out.

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  1. Looks like a good time! If I lived there I'd be at the beach all the time! I'm jealous!