Thursday, February 16, 2012

FB Timeline and New Car

So most people hate Facebook's new timeline but now I kind of like it! Thanks to it I was able to view status updates I had after Annika was born and I realized that 10 weeks after she was born I posted that I could get my size 6 pants on but they were tight. Then at 13 weeks I could get my size 6 jeans on and wear them in public. Makes me feel sooo much better because here I am 8 weeks after having Annabel and I'm freaking out because nothing fits me yet!! It's normal because it didn't fit last time either, thank goodness. I'm still working out just about everyday (cardio and strength training), running at least 3 times a week and trying to cut out junk food, carbs and eat lots of protein.

We bought ourselves a new car Tuesday for Valentine's Day! We traded in my Scion TC which was a little sad. That was my first new car that I bought and paid for all on my own.

So we went from this:

To this:

It's a black 2011 Toyota Venza and we are IN LOVE. Josh said it best, we are officially grown ups. We bought a safe 4 door small SUV/station wagon-ish vehicle.

Let me tell you, after dealing with Annika for the past 2 years in a 2 door car and then Annika and Annabel the last 2 months in our 2 cars with 2 doors (our other car is a 2005 Honda Accord 2 door) it was AMAZING to put both the girls into the car, a car with FOUR doors!!! A door for EACH of us! It was so freaking easy.

And we got a great deal. My Scion was paid off so we used it as a trade in. I expected to get around $5,000 for it, tops. It had a lot of issues with the paint since that poor car was a magnet for people to hit in parking lots. Plus Annika had pretty much trashed the inside with her animal crackers and Goldfish recently.

First they offered us $6,000 for the Scion but wanted us to put down $1,500. We were able to talk down the price of the Venza from $29,000 to around $27,000. We told them we didn't have anything to put down and we couldn't pay the $440 monthly payment they came up with.

Then the sales guy got nervous because I stood up, like I was leaving. So he talked to the manager and gave us $6,500 for the Scion, lowered the price of the Venza again and gave us $390 for monthly payments. Josh told him $350 a month, tops.

Again they got nervous, offered us $7,500 for the Scion making our monthly payments $350ish. Then I told them we would "borrow" $1,000 to put down. So we got our payments is $343. I had the $1,000 the entire time so I like to think we really played that out well.

In the end we opted for an extended warrenty bumper to bumper for 7 years or 100,000 miles and our monthly payment is a nice $370 which is perfect. All maintenance on the car is also included during those 7 years, even better.

Now though we'll be making payments until Annika is 8 years old (that's the way I like to look at it). The salesperson asked us how long we expected to keep the car. I told him when I was 2 years old (same age as Annika) my parents bought a brand new 1985 Volkswagen Golf. That became my car when I was 16. Not even joking, this Venza will be Annika's in 2024. :-)


  1. Congrats!! We bought a truck right before Alexander was born and that will be his as well, or my old Camry! Ha ha! Love your new car... you'll have to let me know if you like it...I've had my eye on it for a while... you know for when I buy a car in 10 gazillion years!

  2. I could use a car like that. I love my Corolla, but rear facing car seats don't fit too well.

  3. The Toyota Venza is actually a mid-sized CUV. It has the design of an SUV in terms of the space capability and the cargo volume of a station wagon with its rear access. It certainly can be considered as a good family car. And you and your husband certainly know how to stir a dealer and land a great deal.

    Ellsworth Mciltrot

  4. You landed a good deal with your car! And it is amazing how you got your way with the sales guy. I think having this SUV/Station wagon type of car is a good choice as a family car. SUV and Station wagons are primarily known for having large space capacity and are very easy to drive. Your growing family would surely fit comfortably inside the car.

    Tyra Shortino

  5. You certainly have a way with negotiations! Now that’s how you play your hand against a car sales guy. Well, for what it’s worth, I think the 2011 Toyota Venza is a great car. It’s comfortable and spacious inside, which is great for a growing family. But it still packs a punch with the V6 engine at the front.

    @Erwin Calverley

  6. You really did play that deal well, Christina! Closing the deal in your favor was very crafty and smart. I also admire your way of thinking. Considering your child’s future needs ahead of time is very thoughtful, and that’s what a good parent should be doing.

    Nicole Vickers